Less than 2 weeks – are you ready?

We hope you’ve managed to organise your bike and gear and are feeling prepared for this year’s trail ride but if not hopefully these videos can convince you to get a move on and get ready!

The trails team have been busy doing more advanced trail exploration last weekend and they are buzzing on the new trails. Like, I can’t sleep, so excited kind of buzzing….

Video: New advanced hill climb, Long Gully

April newsletter video 1

This hill climb is quite technical and is going to challenge you as it’s steeper than it looks, you’ll see when you get to the top!

Video: Steeper than it looks Advanced trail hill climb connecting into intermediate trail, Lindis Peaks

April newsletter video 2

The boys thought they’d have a little race over the mustering tracks on Lindis Peaks. It is steeper than it looks, it’s technical and difficult with some gnarly hill climbs. At about 1.24m it meets the intermediate trail but the race isn’t over…..




Lake barWin a Lake Bar $50 bar voucher

Head into town after the ride and enjoy a drink at Lake Bar with this prize!!

To enter: Pre-register  N O W  to go in the draw to win a $50 bar voucher.

Entries for this giveaway close Tuesday 19th April.  (Pre- registrations are still open until Wednesday 20th April.)


WINNER – Torpedo 7 online voucher

Announced in the next newsletter along with the Lake Bar voucher!!


Thank you to Wanaka Helicopters

Wanaka Helicopters fleet

We’d like to thank Wanaka Helicopters for their support of the Wanaka trail ride and for providing the bike recovery service for those unfortunate enough to have a break down on the day.

They have also incredibly kindly donated a trial helicopter lesson for us to use in our raffle on the day.  You won’t want to miss buying a raffle ticket for the chance to have an introductory helicopter lesson. Look out for the Wanaka Helicopters logo on the raffle banner in the registration area on the day.

Wanaka Helicopters introductory lesson


Reminder: CASH only event

Bring cash or save yourself $5 and PRE – REGISTER now! If you missed it above we have a competition on to win a Lake Bar $50 voucher if you pre register before Wednesday 20th April!


Questions or suggestions?

We now have a FAQ’s and Safety page on the website detailing where the trail ride is, how long the trails are and all sorts of answers to your questions.  Email us if you can’t find the answers you’re after and we’ll get back to you asap!  info@wanakatrailride.org



We know you’re keen as to see the updated trail map so this time next week we will have it available on the website for download and we’ll put it in the newsletter and on facebook.


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